Chalk Pit Update – 2 May

#EpsomChalk Operations are in full swing at NJB Recycling permitted site this morning – the permit’s noise and dust management plan make it clear there should be no operations on a Bank Holiday.

With the recent fine weather dust has become a significant issue – the operator has, with the EA’s knowledge stopped some of the dampening down of the waste even though this measure was a specific requirement of the EA. Again we have the EA bending over backwards to help the operator continue causing nuisance at the Chalk Pit.

I have had several neighbours comment that they have developed a cough and that this goes away when they leave the area for any time – if this is the case then it is important that you contact your GP.

If you are suffering nuisance you continue to complian:

Noise and DustComplain to EA, EEBC and SCCEA email or call  0800 80 70 60EEBC email Email
Traffic / Roads and Drains / FloodsSurrey email

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

The Borough continue to look at the nuisance however this process appears to be taking much longer than envisaged. I am not convinced they will look at the permitted sites hiding behind the EA.


Many you will have seen the circular from the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP – we are waiting to see if the retrospective planning application will be called in by the Government. As noted in the circular this does not normally happen if a local authority has given permission for a development nevertheless we remain determined that there needs to be a robust re-appraisal of the application.


Following my last circular I am thankful of the large number of representations made by you to the EA to put the proposed transfer of the permit from NJB Recycling to Skip It out for public consultation. The EA has advised that this will be the case.

It would be unconscionable if the EA were to agree to this request. Skip It operated illegally at Weir Road, Wimbledon, SW19 for 9 months, operated illegally at the Chalk Pit for coming up to two years and have caused significant noise and dust issues at both locations. Five years after issuing an improvement notice at the Chalk Pit the operators work without a robust and approved noise assessment and noise management plan. They work today when they are not allowed to – in the knowledge that the EA simply do not care.

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