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SCC Planning Application 2020/0159

#EpsomChalk – The Chalk Pit application goes to the Planning Committee at Surrey County Council on Wednesday 23rd February at 10.30am.

We are shocked that Officers have once again recommended that the proposal should be accepted. The recommendation is quite astonishing in that it cherry picks policy and ignores numerous facts – the Council appear to accept the absurd notion that the trommel makes no noise.

We are at a loss as to how the facts can be air brushed and policies simply cast to one side.

We will provide detailed feedback when a decision has been made by SCC.

The information below is an extract from Minerals/Waste EP21/00223/CMA – Summary Report (Land at The Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4JA).

The application site is located towards north-eastern Surrey, within the base of a former chalk pit. The ‘Chalk Pit’ is an industrial and commercial site, totalling approximately 1.8 hectares (ha), and is located on the northern side of the A2022 College Road, some 2 kilometres (km) south-east of Epsom town centre. The ‘Chalk Pit’ is within the Metropolitan Green Belt and is surrounded immediately by open fields. A number of uses operate within the ‘Chalk Pit’, including three authorised waste management sites, two empty skip storage areas, a car repair company, three coach hire businesses, a scaffolder, a physiotherapist, and a gym.

The application site the subject of this planning application will hereon in be referred to as the ‘NJB site’. The ‘NJB site’ is located in the south-eastern part of the wider ‘Chalk Pit’ and comprises an area of land which is covered by a Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) as well as land and a building which have historically been used in connection with the authorised CLEUD use. The nearest residential property to the operational area of the ‘NJB site’ is approximately 160 metres (m) to the west at its closest point.

The CLEUD was granted on appeal in April 1998 for the establishment of a Waste Transfer Station (WTS) within roughly the eastern half of the ‘NJB site’, comprising the storage and transfer of up to 26,000 tonnes of waste per calendar year. Subsequent planning permissions have been granted within this same area for the retention of an open sided waste reception building, the retention of a first-floor addition to a site office, erection of a retaining wall, and the installation of a weighbridge. A number of other planning permissions associated with the other uses within the wider ‘Chalk Pit’ site have also been granted, but these uses are not the subject of this application.

Representations from a total of 717 objectors have been received by the County Planning Authority (CPA) in relation to this planning application, alongside two petitions signed by a total of 3,320 signatories. Concerns were originally raised by the CPAs Dust (CDAQC) and Noise (CNC) consultants and the County Highway Authority


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