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Epsom Chalk Pit in the News – Update

#EpsomChalk – The planning application for Epsom Chalk Pit has been mentioned recently in several on-line news sites. Please see the examples below. Click on each link to see all the information. Residents should continue to report any issues with dust or noise that originate from the Chalk Pit in College Road, Epsom.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council email

Epsom residents living in ‘anguish’ as Chalk Pit decision hit by more delays


Residents Enraged By Surrey Planners Regarding Epsom Chalk Pit

Residents say they’re living in “anguish” dealing with dust clouds, noise and the movement of large vehicles as changes to the Epsom Chalk Pit are struck by delays.

The Chalk Pit in Epsom is a site used by several companies, but Epsom and Ewell Borough Councillor Nigel Collin (Residents’ Association, College Ward) says its principle use for waste sorting is what is causing “upset” to residents.

He said a dust cloud which comes up in the summer means that residents can’t open their windows and their cars are covered, while the noise of large skip lorries and waste sorting machines is causing “pandemonium”.

Residents Enraged By Surrey Planners Regarding Epsom Chalk Pit

Despite being one of the most contentious planning applications seen in the County, planning officers are set to overrule over 700 formal objections and a petition signed by 3,320 people. Epsom & Ewell Borough Council ; Epsom MP, Chris Grayling, and all local councillors are united in support for residents, having submitted objections.

‘Epsom turning into skip city’ with proposal for waste recycling facility

Surrey County Council said it is aware of residents’ concerns and is working to “address matters within their own remits”.

Cllr Collin said: “We’ve had constant disruption over the last 18 months. “When I tell you the dust that comes off this site in warm weather, it’s unbelievable.


Representations from a total of 717 objectors have been received by the County Planning Authority (CPA) in relation to the application, alongside two petitions signed by a total of 3,320 signatories.

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council also object to the proposal on Green Belt, transport, noise, dust, and ecology and biodiversity grounds.


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