Residents Update from E&EBC

#EpsomChalk – A letter has been sent out by Rod Brown, who is the Head of Housing and Community at Epsom & Ewell Borough Council. The letter relates to the planning application for the Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom.

See the text below from the letter, dated 24th December. The letter is also available as a download.

At our recent meeting with residents, I had indicated that the Council’s investigation into alleged statutory nuisance would not be arranged until after the NJB Skips planning application had been decided by Surrey County Council which was scheduled for 8th December 2021. Given that the determination of this application has now been delayed, and that we are continuing to receive complaints of excessive noise from the site, the Council has decided to amend our original investigation plan and to start actively investigating on-site in January 2022.

As explained at our recent meeting, the Council needs to be able to not only quantify the impact of the noise on residents, but also identify those responsible for creating the noise event(s). As such our investigation plan includes the installation of additional CCTV on the site which we will complete in early January, subject to a suitable location being identified.

It is necessary that we advise the users of this area that their movements will be subject to surveillance as this is not something that we can achieve covertly. Following this we will resume our on-site investigation. We expect to install noise monitoring equipment in the grounds of certain affected properties, so that evidence of noise events can be correlated with on-site CCTV. This equipment will need to be hired in and will follow the installation of the CCTV.

Clearly we want to allow adequate time after the CCTV is installed for any initial changes in representative behaviour to abate, I expect it will be our preference to install this noise monitoring equipment towards the end of January. I would welcome your co-operation with my Environmental Health colleagues should they contact you seeking to host the noise equipment.

The Council has been working closely with the Environment Agency over the continuing reports of noise nuisance and I would request that any residents experiencing excessive noise disturbance continue to accurately report events to both the Environment Agency and the Council. The Council would also ask you to include details about the impact these events have on you. This is important evidence in any investigation into statutory nuisance.

The Council recently met with the Environment Agency and Surrey County Council to discuss our investigation approach and to ensure our investigation is co-ordinated with other activities partner organisations might be conducting. Following our meeting we jointly wrote to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner requesting details about the use of the site as an Operating Centre and we are currently awaiting their response.

Surrey County Council still needs to determine the outstanding planning application, which it is expected will come to a future planning committee. Although it is not possible yet to confirm precisely when this might be, it is currently scheduled for the next planning committee, which is on 26th January 2022. SCC will continue to accept letters of representation up to midday on the day before an application is reported to committee.

The Environment Agency have commenced the air quality monitoring at the site which they expect will continue to cover both winter and summer months. They have also committed to completing further noise monitoring, but this is now unlikely to occur before the Council’s noise monitoring early next year.

I hope you find this update useful.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Brown
Head of Housing and Community

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