Additional Information for Surrey CC

#EpsomChalk – A letter has been sent to all persons that sent comments or objects to the planning application for Epsom Chalk Pit. Please see the example below.

Our ref: SCC Ref 2020/0159/JN/EP21/00223/CMA 6 July 2021

Tel: 020 8541 9897
Contact: Rosemary Cottrell

Dear Sir/Madam

Application to Surrey County Council – Notification of Additional Information
Further information has been submitted in respect of the above application for planning
permission/approval. The application documents, plans and any additional
information is available for viewing/downloading from our website:

Enter SCC Ref 2020/0159 in the “our reference” search field

The applicant has submitted the following additional details:

Email Suzi Coyne to James Nolan dated 2 July 2021;

Noise Impact Assessment Version 3 dated 30 June 2021;

Response on noise 3006 received 2 July 2021;

Revised Further Information in Response to Transportation Development Planning Team Additional Comments of June 2021 dated June 2021;

Drawing No. 193091/PL/D/001 Rev B Site Location Plan dated Jan 21;

Drawing No. 193091/PL/D/006 Rev C Proposed Block Plan dated May 21;

Drawing No. 193091/PL/D/012 Overnight HGV Parking Plan dated June 21.

The website lists the documents in date order followed by the plans in date order.

If you wish to express a view on this proposal, please do so in writing within 14 days of the date of this letter. The County Council try to take account of any late
views that may be received before a decision is made but this cannot be

The County Council want to take all relevant views into account and so letters have
been sent to you and any other occupants of property immediately adjoining the
site. This is in addition to any other publicity which the County Council may have to
provide. If you do not own the property please draw this notification to the owner’s

The applicant and members of the public may inspect any correspondence that has
been submitted in response to this notification and that will be considered in
determining the application. Please note that a copy of your views will be sent to
the relevant Borough/District Council to be held with the planning register and may
also be published on their website.

There are so many letters on planning applications that it is not possible to send
individual replies. However, all written comments are acknowledged and
correspondents are told how the application has been determined.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Jenkins
Planning Development Manager

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Community Page for the Chalk Pit in College Road, Epsom, Surrey, UK.

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