Epsom Chalk Pit – HGV Movements

#EpsomChalk – A survey was carried out by members of the public in May to count the number of movements of Waste Vehicles in a three day period. The results of the survey are below. The numbers are more than double those quoted by NJB Recycling in their planning application. Almost a third of the waste vehicle movements cannot be allocated to one of the four operators at the Chalk Pit. A sizeable percentage of these can be expected to be associated with NJB Recycling.

Summary of Waste Vehicle Movements at the Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom.

Survey carried out between 26th and 28th May 2021

NJB Recycling/Maguire/Skip IT = 142 per day

Epsom Skip Hire = 75 per day

PM Skips = 30 per day

Penwarden = 10 per day

Other Unspecified = 122 per day

Total Movements = 378 per day

Application 2020/0159 – NJB Recycling Materials Recycling Facility, The Chalk Pit, Epsom

Further Information in Response to Transportation Development Planning Team Comments

In summary, the HGV trip generation for the existing permitted use amounts to on average 68 movements daily and the predicted trip generation of the application proposal is the same, though if, as anticipated, a proportion (up to about a quarter) of the incoming material can be transported in grab lorries, this could produce a marginal reduction of about 8 movements per day.

Suzi Coyne Planning
May 2021

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2 thoughts on “Epsom Chalk Pit – HGV Movements

  1. Hi
    yes many of these HGVs are rt running from the dorking road around the residential streets of south epsom which is causing high levels of NOX and particulate matter in the roads concerned plus they are speeding and not suitable for these narrow residential roads


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