Chalk Pit Update 29th May – Objection letter

Objection Letter issued by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

#EpsomChalk – Epsom and Ewell Borough Council has a robust response from the planning team. The letter has 11 pages. Please see the highlights below, followed by a download for the letter..

A lot of residents are noting the incredible and unrelenting noise. Environment Agency officers have made it abundantly clear that the attention they give the Chalk Pit will be based on number of complaints they receive. Do not assume everyone else is complaining!

If you suffer Dust or Noise Nuisance please either call 0800 80 70 60 or send an email to as and when justified.

If you are concerned about Traffic on your road, please send an email to

Thank you for consulting Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) and for agreeing to an Extension of Time for Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (the Borough Council) to provide a formal consultation response, until 20 May 2021.

The Borough Council has received a substantial number of representations from nearby residents, including a petition, raising concerns about this proposal. The concerns include (inter alia):

  • Inappropriate Green Belt development
  • Potential noise and disturbance
  • Potential dust generation and air pollution
  • Potential adverse impact on neighbour amenities
  • Potential adverse impact on ecology/wildlife
  • Potential adverse traffic/parking implications
  • Potential adverse impact on character of surrounding area
  • Potential contaminated land issues
  • Potential flood risk
  • Contrary to planning policies.

The Borough Council has received concerns from its Members. The concerns include (inter alia);

  • Resident objections and petition
  • Extended working hours at the Site
  • Excessive traffic issues
  • Dust generation
  • Contamination issues
  • Adverse impact on neighbouring amenity
  • General nuisance caused from operations.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council strongly objects to this proposal on the following grounds:

  • The Borough Council considers that the proposed development is contrary to paragraph 143 of the NPPF and policy DM3 of the Development Management Policies Document (2015) and therefore raises strong objections in principle to the proposal on the grounds that it is contrary to Green Belt policy. The Borough Council requests Surrey County Council to review and confirm whether the Site is allocated in a development plan for waste management
  • In the absence of a Transport Statement and Travel Plan, the Borough Council raises objections on the grounds that it cannot make an informed comment as to whether the proposal would likely adversely impact the local highways network.
  • The Borough Council expects to see a more thorough breakdown of the elements of the proposed materials recycling/recovery facility. In the absence of such a detailed assessment which demonstrates that the proposed development will avoid adversely impacting the neighbouring amenity enjoyed at nearby residential properties, in terms of noise or disturbance objections are raised on the grounds of noise disturbance.
  • The proposed development should not cause unacceptable impacts on human health. Clarification is required with regards to dust escaping from the Site and reasonable opening times should operate, which respect neighbouring amenity, subject to planning permission being granted. The comments of the County Council’s Environmental Health Officer must be sought and taken into account when considering the impact of the proposed development.
  • The Borough Council’s Contaminated Land Officer has provided a comprehensive response to this representation. The County Council is requested to give careful consideration to this when assessing this application.
  • The County Council is requested to review the submitted documentation, to assess the development against the risk of flooding and determine whether the proposed drainage system is acceptable.
  • The Borough Council has received a number of objections from nearby residents regarding this proposal and request that Surrey County Council pays attention to these objections. The Borough Council raises objection to the intensification based of residential amenity.
  • The Borough Council trusts that the above representations will be given careful consideration in the determination of this County Matter planning application.

The link below has a copy of the objection letter issued by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

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