Distribution of Dust from Chalk Pit, Epsom

#EpsomChalk have received several reports of significant deposits of dust that are more than 1km away from the Chalk Pit, College Road Epsom. Some of the reports are more 2km away form the site, including Ewell Village.

The Particulate Emissions Management Plan prepared by NJB Recycling for Planning Application SCC Ref 2020/0159 suggested that :-

All waste will be stored and processed under full enclosure, providing complete control of particulate emissions.

There was a 1km limit on the environmental impact of particulate emissions. Several residential areas and schools are within the 1km radius on the map below.

The map below shows the difference in coverage between a 1km and a 2km radius of the site. The 2km ring includes the centre of Epsom, parts of East Ewell, Cuddington and a significant part of Nork and Epsom Downs.

The Topographical Map below shows how changes in elevation will increase the spread of dust towards Epsom, Ewell and Cheam. The change of colour from yellow to green to blue show reductions in elevation. The area to the south of the site is in red, showing increases in elevation, in the direction of Banstead.

The Chalk Pit, College Road is marked by the black diamond in the map below. This has an elevation of approximately 85m. This compares with the centre of Epsom (55m), Ewell (42m), Stoneleigh (39m), West Ewell (32m).

#EpsomChalk will be interested to receive reports and pictures that show significant amounts of dust that may have originated from the Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom.

If you are affected by Noise or Dust, please call or email the Environment Agency 0800 80 70 60 or Incident_Communication_Service@environment-agency.gov.uk

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Community Page for the Chalk Pit in College Road, Epsom, Surrey, UK.

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